I have so many great pictures I need to edit and get posted up here!  Now, just to find some time!

This post is going to be all about the Halloween Costumes my girls wore in this past week.

My sitter mentioned something on Monday night that they should wear costumes on Wednesday when they came…I had nothing prepared.  Then on Tuesday, she assured me that I didn’t have to worry about it and only Trexen would have a costume on…well, I had to come up with something!  No matter how busy I am I am not going to let my kids down for Halloween!002 I’ll admit…I used a purchased bee costume that my mom had gotten in past years for Capri…she wasn’t a fan at first, but she got used to it.  And isn’t she a cute crying bee? 005 Here are all the kids dressed up!  From the left: Madison (chef), Cedi (the Princess of Whales), Delaney (fire fighter), Nichole (pregnant momma), Trexen (adorable little monkey!), Ryker (turtle), and Capri (my little bee).  008 Taking a break…009 Cedi really wanted to wear her whale bodysuit so I threw a pink tutu on her as well and we called her the Princess of Whales…I thought I was pretty clever.142

So, Saturday (aka Halloween) rolled around and I didn’t have any costumes made.  Cedi had changed her mind so many times as to what she wanted to be (a pink ghost to a pink snake with a long tongue to a pink jellyfish, to Smokey Cheetoh, our grey kitty – shown on the right) that I wanted to make sure she had her mind made up before I began.  I did have a few yards of fun pink fabric for whatever she decided.

113The final decision was Smokey  Cheetoh…our grey kitty.  I took a grey sweat suit she had, quickly sewed up a tail and pinned it to the back of her pants.  I made some ears too but she refused to wear them…oh well.  I took some liquid black eyeliner I had and painted a nose and whiskers.  I think I did pretty good for last minute. 


I really thought that once Cedi saw Capri in her Pink Jellyfish Costume she would want to be that too…so while I was running the store in the afternoon I was putting together two jellyfish costumes.  The plan was to put a piece of 109tulle and put it over her clothes (with holes for head and arms) and then tie the tentacle (arms?) skirt (I had tied strips of pink fabric to a string from my hoodies) around the tulle to hold it on…therefore, creating a jellyfish. 

112Well…nothing really goes as planned when you are getting a still sort of sick almost 3 year old and an extremely stubborn almost 2 year old.  It was almost the end of the world for Capri to put the tulle over her head.  I managed to tie the skirt on but it took a good 10 minutes in papa’s arms to finally be okay with that.  Then, once she saw Cedi’s whisker’s she wanted some too…  So in the end, Capri was sort of a pink jellyfish with kitty whiskers…whatever it ended up being…she was pretty cute!119 Of course, they had to have some fabulous quilted trick or treat bags made by yours truly!

122 We didn’t end up doing to much neighborhood trick or treating since Cedi wasn’t feeling the best and it was pretty cold out but we did make a few stops and I think the girls had a good time.  Maybe next year the costume thing will be a bit easier…and maybe not…

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  1. Princess of Whales. Ha! I love it. That's good. The girls are so adorable all dressed up.


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