Happy 3rd Birthday Mercedi Rose!

A picture from just after Cedi was born…Mercedi_062Here’s Cedi on her first birthday…looks pretty excited about her cake!100_1038Cedi when she turned 2! cedi

I had to put these pictures up like I did on Capri’s second birthday! The picture on the left is me right before I went to the hospital to have Cedi (Jared also wanted his picture taken…) and then me with Cedi today…the day she turned 3!



Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby… Mercedi Rose!

I’ll see how much of her ‘birth story’ I can rem


ember. We actually went into the hospital on November 28th. I was being induced because my blood pressure was high. They tried something first that they let sit for the night to try and get things going…nothing really happened. They tried another thing in the morning…nothing really happened. Then they decided to try the Pitocin with the warning that, “If this doesn’t work we may be sending you home.” This was not an option for me! They started the pitocin at 1:30. Labor started immediately. It went so fast that I didn’t even get the epidural I desperately wanted. I had my beautiful baby girl, Mercedi Rose, at 5:30pm just four hours after labor began, on November 29th, 2006. She was 6 lbs 13 oz (the doctors had thought she would be in the 9 lb range at my ultrasound the previous Friday) but she was 20-inches long! Long and skinning…same as today.


  1. Happy Birthday Mercedi Rose! Enjoy every minute of it Kim, it goes so fast. My daughter turned 30 this year, and it seems like yesterday she was coming home from the hospital.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Happy Birthday to the "Big Girl". Have fun, my "baby" is 19 and I miss the days when I was able to carry her around.

  3. Happy birthday, they grow up so fast! I just checked my blog for tales of my own daughter...she's an unbelievable 22. I have NO IDEA how that happened, seems only yesterday...

  4. I am so late but....Happy 3rd Birthday Cedi!!


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