My Curvilicious Project

This past weekend I went to the Quilts By Barb Quilt Retreat and I have actually finished one of the projects I started there.  (I started three…what was I thinking?   I know what I was thinking…I wanted to learn everything that they were teaching even though one of the teachers is my MIL and I can ask her any time!)  I just wanted to share it with you.

This project came from the book Easy Biased Covered Curves by Wendy Hill.  Because I did the mini project and the mystery quilt project I didn’t want to go to crazy with the Biased Curved project…I just wanted to learn the technique so I could use it in future endeavors.  I decided I would make a tote bag out of my blocks. 

Since the curvy project seemed a little wild to me I decided to choose wild colors for my bag.  I really wanted it to pop…

012I think I accomplished that…. 


I enjoyed learning the bias technique but did not really enjoy all the prep work involved.  I will have to try it again in my basement since we had to walk outside to use the basting spray (I’m lazy) and I won’t have to do that at home…may make things less tedious.  The actual sewing of the bias onto the curves was really not too difficult as long as you took your time. 

I’m really happy with my final result…helps make the time worthwhile! 

   065 This a great (and practical) tote bag for anyone that wants to call attention to themselves.  As you can see I used a wide variety of yellow, orange, green, and blue fabrics to create this bright, vibrant bag.066I’m sure people will notice you if you are carrying this bag around.  I used  a few of my leftover scraps from my biased curved blocks on the handles to create an even wilder looking bag.  I think it adds flavor and sturdiness.076    I lined the bag with Blank Textiles Fusion Illusion Fabric and added a fun little teal striped pocket to the inside of the bag(approximate dimensions 4.5” x 5.25”). 


Bag dimensions are approximately:  14” x 14” x 5” with 20.5” straps.


What do you think of this ‘Curvilicious Tote Bag’?

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  1. What a great bag. A perfect project for curved seams too... not too many seams. Hope you had a good time at the retreat! Chris


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