My Husband and I

meandfrank This is a picture of my husband (Frank and/or Jared) from a close friend of mine’s wedding last May.  She just posted it on Facebook and I just LOVE it!  Maybe that’s weird but aren’t we cute?


  1. Totally cute.

    Also, your arms (or, arm) look awesome!

  2. OH Kim what a wonderful photo!
    I'd love it to if I were you! Yes you are cute!

    ((HUGS)) Jessica

  3. Cute, the red.

  4. What a great picture! I just love his red shirt! It just makes you want to reach into the picture and FEEL the fabric...ha, ha...looks like great quality...ha, ha.

  5. Love the pic Kim:-) Pictures like these, are wonderful to add to your collections of family memories... I have a couple of pictures that also capture the love that my hubby & I have for one another:-)

    I would like to grant you an award. Please come on over to my blog , and check it out

  6. This is such a beautiful photo! -Victoria from MBC


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