my little models

001 I just had to post a few of these fun pictures I took this morning.  I just did the girls laundry and Capri found all of her sisters panties and decided to see just how many she could get on at the same time.  002  All of them of course mom!  On that note, Grandma Lapacek has reported successful trips to the potty for Capri…we’ll see what happens…dare I hope to be diaper free in 2010?004 And then there’s Cedi.  Cedi patiently waited until her sister took her nap (in the room they now share…the jungle!) to wear her necklace that she made with mama.  I then convinced her (with a small bribe of a candy corn) to be a model for me in her adorable ‘Free to be You and Me’ dress from Allthenumbers.    007    No matter what she says, or how she acts, I think she secretly enjoys being my model. 

I had planned on trying to take some pictures for the Christmas card since I had them in almost matching ‘Free to Be You and Me’ dresses…but with nap time and preparation for this upcoming weekend it just didn’t seem to happen.  Another time, another time…


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