Sunday Gift Guide – The MEN In Our Lives

Before I get into this Sunday’s gift guide I want to give a big congratulations to my etsy and quiltsy friend MountainHomeQuilts  who had a new baby boy last week!  I’m so excited for her and her family!

In my very first gift guide post, magpieknits, a fellow quiltsy teammate made the following comment, “I would love to see a post on ideas for the men in our lives.”  Today’s the day!

In my experience some men are easier than other men.  If they have hobbies or interests (that aren’t crazy expensive) you can usually go with that.  For example, my brother is really into computers…I can typically find some funny, ironic, weird computer geek gift for him.

il_430xN_100948125 I bought these microchip cufflinks from digibling for my brother the other year and he just loved them!  If you search the etsy geekery category for the ‘geek’ in your life you’re sure to find something that will fit!

If the man in your life has to wear a tie regularly there are some really fun ties on etsy like

il_430xN_100995488 these Coney Island Parachute Jump, screenprinted microfiber necktie from toybreaker

For the cook, you should definitely  check out GneissSpice’s shop. 


You can create a Customized Spice Gift Set (12, 4 oz magnetic jars filled with spices of your choice) that fits the type of cook your man is.  And…it will look great on your refrigerator!

The best gift I ever got my husband was probably his chainsaw.  I think his favorite hobby is cutting wood. 

il_430xN_70203911 I think he would enjoy this t-shirt too…almost as cool as the real thing.

il_430xN_101069319 I’ve found some other great guy gifts on etsy as well like this Stoneware Pint Flask with Cork from foxpots.

You could also go with a classic wood turned item.il_430xN_76194524Like this Rustic Bark Edge Sweet Gum Bowl from JLWoodTurning

Other great gift ideas would be tickets to a concert or ballgame, surprise him by bringing him to his favorite restaurant, buy him his favorite beer paraphenlia (ie Miller High Life) or sports gear from his favorite team (ie Milwaukee Brewers). 

I would love for you to share you great gift ideas…boys can be tricky. 

I am also looking for more ideas for people you need to buy for! 

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  1. Kim, thanks for helping me with gifts for the men in my life. Great article.


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