Sunday Gift Guide – The Young, Fun, Hip Mother – aka ME!

This week’s Sunday Gift Guide is to help out folks that need to buy people like me gifts.  To know if you need to buy for a person like me I’ll help you out a little.

I am an under 30 mom of two little girls that stays home with them and runs her etsy shop.  I love to create, watch movies, read books, play airplane with my girls and nap.  Sometimes the beauty of colors in the world make me loose my breathe (or in fabrics).  If at all possible I would rather make something myself than buy it from a store.

With that…here’s some great gift ideas for a person like me (this is also for family members and friends who so desire to buy me a gift this holiday season *wink*).

il_430xN_96017003 My first wish is this Hot Pink and Peach Floral Brooch / Zipper Pin from ZipPinning.  I don’t usually wear brooches or pins but how could a crafty person not be in love with this flower made out of old zippers!  I just love the creativity and ingenuity used to create this item – I must have one!

il_430xN_102278634 I’m also a huge fan of hats, cowls, scarves, mittens, any fun accessories!  This Slouch Beanie Hat in Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Spice from BeautifulBridget has caught my eye many times in the past few weeks.

il_430xN_55338296 I also want this Elfin Hooded Scarf from PixieBell.

il_430xN_100564710 I think this Deep Magenta Crocheted Neck Cozy from CamilleMarie would keep my neck nice and warm and look fabulous with my new ‘art’ hair!

il_430xN_102601964I think this  Earring Sampler Kit no. 2 Flower Cluster Earrings Do It Yourself in Red, Green, Purple, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Blue or Green from BellasBeadsandMore would be really fun to make.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a kit with all the pieces and you can just make something for yourself.  (PS.  I would chose an orange kit)

il_430xN_89853108I really love these  Recycled Magnetic Locket Sets from Polarity.  They’re just so unique and different…two things I LOVE!

il_430xN_93570272 I’ve been dreaming of this Patchwork tiered spin skirt from ChopstixWaits for months now.  I just love that it reminds me of a quilt but is still super cool looking. 

  • Key things to remember when buying for someone like me:
  • I love little, cutesy things that not many others will have
  • Supplies (ie fabric, beads, wire, etc) are always appreciated and WELCOME!
  • It’s hard to go wrong with anything cozy or a good book
  • handmade pottery items always, always rock!

If you are curious if something will work on not feel free to ask!


I’m still looking for more ideas in the Sunday’s to come…leave a comment!

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