Sunday Gifts - knitting/spinning/crochet/quilting friends

This weeks’ Sunday Gift recommendation is a request from the comment Jan left on my very first Gift Idea week.  She wants some ideas for her Knitting/Spinning/Crochet/Quilting Friends…I love this one!  One thing I know about crafters is that we all have an addiction to supplies and clever things.  Let’s get started!

We’ll start from the beginning…gifts for those that love to knit.  I had three things come to mind immediately…let’s see if I can find them…

il_430xN_99448530 A Yarn Bowl.  The one shown above is from dancingpigpots.  If you live in Wisconsin and plan to attend my Handcrafted Hoedown for the Holiday’s I’m 95% sure that JennyBlasenPottery is making some to sell at it.  (this would also be great for a crocheter…)

il_430xN_98991606 Or some Needle Bangle Bracelets from sassafrascreations.

il_430xN_97651439 My last idea was some personalized knitting needles.  CindyAdams makes these great, whimsical Hand Painted Sushi Roll Knitting Needles.

Onto the spinner…I’ll have to be upfront that I have never tried to spin my own yarn (although I would love to) so I’m not an expert on everything needed.  Here’s where I would start. 


There is a lot of wool roving on etsy like this Merino Roving – Goofing Off from ilashdesigns.  


For someone like me, that wants to learn how to spin…this Drop Spindle Learn to Spin Spinning Kit from bhmalpacas would be perfect!

il_430xN_99431702 This Top Whorl Hand Spindle from skeinwinder123 also caught my eye as a great gift.

Onto the crocheter in your life…

il_430xN_99538225Here’s a beautiful crochet hook organizer from sarahkincheloe for the crocheter.  

il_430xN_98976457A fun pattern like this one from ashton11 would be a nice gift along with some yarn to create the project…

And onto my personal favorite…the quilter!

il_430xN_90510357The very first thing that came to mind was to get your friend/loved one a membership to FabricAlaCarte’s Fat Quarter of the month Club.  I am a member myself and I just love when I’m surprised by a package of new fabrics every month.  I don’t know a quilter who wouldn’t like new fabric to freshen up their ‘stash.’


A Die Cut Tumbler Block Quilt Kit from SFOQuilter would be a great idea to.  These blocks are adorable and their unique shape makes the quilt even more intriguing.  These kits go together easily and quickly with stunning end results:  Example 1 and Example 2

il_430xN_80935429 For the quilter that is a grandma or new mom, this Ladybug People Baby Shoe Pincushion is absolutely perfect.  The price is right too so it would make a great stocking stuffer!

il_430xN_81485575 These Sewing Machine Charm Earrings from theApple would also make a great stocking stuffer!

il_430xN_88179091The Quilter in Yellow from marysgranddaughter also came to mind for a great quilter gift.

I hope this gift guide helped a little…I have lots more ideas but I really must go and get some things done.  Please leave comments with your ideas and any other people you are having trouble buying a gift for!


  1. Kim,

    This is a very cool idea! Thank you SO MUCH for including my Fat Quarter Club as a gift idea!

  2. Great list of gifts for those of us that knit, crochet and quilt and a good way to highlight some Etsy Shops.
    Thanks Kim

  3. Thank you for highlighting my knitting needles! I think they are really cute too. I love the other ideas you had also. I hope you don't mind if I link you to my knitting blog. Thanks again!

  4. I love the yarn bowl!! Sent the link to my crochet crazy friend.


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