Themed Thursday – Dress UP!

My oldest little girl, Cedi is going to be turning three at the end of the month and I just love to dress her up!  I have to be honest, I have a hard time shopping at the ‘normal’ stores at this point…I’ve been spoiled by etsy.  004This is a picture of her in one of my favorite dresses, Free to Be You and Me from allthenumbers.  It is just adorable and it usually takes her about three days to tire of wearing it.  

Now let’s see if I can find some other outfits I would love to see her in!

il_430xN_88320175Cedi LOVES pink and I know she would love this Alexander Henry Little Girl Dress from OriginalsbyLaurenToo.   Throw a turtle neck and some tights on and it will work all year round!


Do I have to really even say anything at all about this Bubbles…tiny silk bubbles from gocksfrocks?  I will say FABULOUS and I WANT!

il_430xN_102077657 This New Cherry Blossom Baby Kimono from gaiababy is PINK (Cedi’s FAVORITE color) and adorable…add that to her wish list!

il_430xN_82361909This picture had to be included in this week’s themed Thursday…how cute is this!   Hey Hey We're the Monkeys Party Dress with Bloomers Set from 3lilmuses is adorable and perfect!  Cedi would look fabulous in it and her sister would too when it was passed down!


I hope you enjoyed these fun finds this week!  Stay tuned for next Themed Thursday (posted next Thursday ;)!


  1. oh wow!! I love this post :) thanks so much for picking my bubbles skirt! We could do mommy and cedi matching!

  2. What a great article, and your daughter is too cute! Thanks for including my dress.

  3. Boy Kim, I's so jealous. I wish I had a little girl to dress up too.


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