A Winter Wonderland

As many others did yesterday morning…this is the view we woke up to.005   Out of our family room.007 Our back window…008 009 010 Papa had off work…they basically had shut most of the Madison area down and there was no way we would get out of our country road.  We bundled the girls up011  013  (and ourselves) and headed outside into the Winter Wonderland.  Wow!  It was windy and the snow was DEEP!015 016Cedi and I headed in early but Capri decided she wanted to help Papa shovel off the deck.  


The whole time it was snowing Cedi was very worried about Tank and his short legs getting through the snow.  I must tell you, Tank is much more happy now that Papa has plowed but he did enjoy a short sleigh ride on Cedi’s sled. 

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  1. send some of that over here to the East coast. I want some. My 9 year old wants a "snow day" so bad. We moved this summer from Louisiana to Virginia. She thinks she's going to see snow now :)... She want's it to be like in the movie "snow day" that's what it looks like in your area! ENJOY IT!!!


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