Adorable Owls!

I wanted to make the girls a special gift for Christmas this year.  I found this fat quarter owl pdf pattern from monkeytreecreations and knew that was my answer!

036 I finished Cedi’s owl today!  What do you think?  I modified the pattern just a tad since I’m incapable of following any pattern to a T.  I wanted to make Capri’s but I ran out of polyfil and of course it’s snowing.  I’m going to go and check in my MIL’s craft room when I pick the girls up or else it looks like we may be making a run to Jo-Ann’s


  1. Sometimes when there is no polyfil on hand, chopped up scraps of polar fleece make a great fill - if the child is old enough to use scissors cutting the polar fleece or other scraps into stuffing bits is a nice project for the child. Also can be a green upcycle/recycle lesson.

    The 6 yo I help with crafts was really pleased to create her own stuffing for doll pillows.

    Just an idea.

    The owls are so cute. Your girls will so enjoy them. Off to look at the pattern to see if IsSix might be able to make one. Thanks for sharing the link.


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