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I try to keep my opinions to myself…I don’t want to stir the pot since I'm really, really happy with etsy.  I think etsy is a great site as long as you don’t expect etsy to do all your work for you.  You can’t list an item, expect etsy to LOVE it and put it on the front page, in the Storque, and promote it for you.  Not that this never happens but that’s not what you can expect.  Sure, I do the happy dance whenever something of mine makes the front page…who wouldn’t?  But I don’t expect it.  The fees that etsy asks from us is so minimal of what would be taken via commission a consignment store would take from me or the effort it would be for me to maintain my own site.  It’s up to me, as an individual, to find ways to promote my items…not etsy.

With that being said, I am disappointed in how much ‘sale’ items are promoted on etsy.  These items are handmade.  They should be worth the price we put on them…we have not purchased them and reselling them.  We are purchasing or finding supplies to create a unique item for others to enjoy and cherish.  Maybe the uniqueness, the variety, the ingenuity, the creativity, the inspiration, and the passion, from the artists on etsy is what should be promoted.

…just a thought…


  1. Kim - I totally agree. I had a similar thought about promoting sales so much. I really can't do sales, because I don't want to mark up my prices, and I really am not making much on them now!
    --Gail at QuiltSewPieceful

  2. Kim, I agree too. My store is small and just starting out. For years I would never sell my wares but I would give them away as gifts for years. I never felt like anyone would really pay for the time and energy put into our crafts. American quilters and crafters are a lost breed and they are worth their salt, something mass production can't duplicate. Sales belittles the artist. We should honor our artists and be willing to pay for the art. Just a rambling thought.


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