Keeping my Hands Busy During the Holidays


I get asked the question, “How did you do all that you do?” quite often. I think there’s two answers to that:

1. I don’t think about things too long. I just go with my gut and 90% of the time it looks great.

2. My hands are always moving. You will rarely find me just watching TV or sitting at the table with nothing else going on.

So, I had to plan ahead for all the holiday traveling and visiting there would be going on. Since I would not have easy Internet access or all of my own personal creating supplies at hand I knew I should get some extra earring kits from Blue Hill by Hand to work on.

They came through and sent me four all new (to me) earring kits to create!001I like the look of these #i427 Layered Metal Earrings. As I’ve previously posted, Blue Hill by Hand is the company that purchases and creates my candy drop rings. I have been in the process of trying to come up with some earrings to “go with” the rings. I had a few of the brass discs left so I decided to see how a cluster of candy drop beads would look…here’s what I came up with:042

Brass Cluster – Candy Drop Earrings

I would love to hear your opinion on these!004 The blue and mint green earrings shown above and below are #i423 Diamond Beaded Earrings.005 006I had a lot of fun creating #i440 Dark Copper Hoops. I had to pound the curve into them with a hammer and a wood form. It was a great way to get some energy out and the end result is just gorgeous! 009

The fourth pair of earrings I created was from the Eclectic Earth Collection . These are called Star Jasmine.

This was definitely the perfect solution to keep busy during the ‘down’ holiday times of visiting and traveling.

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