Picture’s from Cedi’s Third Birthday!

I have had so much to blog about in my mind lately but it seems like no time to do it…which is confusing since I’ve been pretty much stuck at home for the last three days…what have I been doing?!

I just wanted to share with you all some of the pictures from Cedi’s 3rd birthday.  She started out the day doing Grandma and Grandpa Van’s hair…043  045 046 066Mama with the birthday cake. 067 The Grandparent’s, Uncle Brian and Capri patiently awaiting the cake. 069 Cedi loving the attention!070 Time to blow out the candles!071  I think you need to get a little closer Cedi…073 For some reason my cake cracked when I put it together…tried to fill it in with frosting but didn’t quite work.  Oh well, it tasted yummy!

Now onto the present opening!074 Puzzles were a big gift this year and from the sounds of it that’s what she would like more of for Christmas.075 Poor Capri…she doesn’t quite get why she doesn’t get to open presents.  Luckily, Uncle Brian thought of that and brought her a special gift too (thanks Uncle Brian – you saved Capri’s day!)076 077  079 080  082  084 A puzzle of Cedi!   086   089 An adorable Pink Lamby Eared Hat from LuLusWoobies!090 The blow dryer was quite a hit too!  Of course I don’t have a picture of it, but the gift Cedi was most excited about was her new pump soap from Bath and Body Works.  She absolutely LOVES soap…she just loves to smell things.  We could literally spend hours in Bath and Body and she would smell everything they had…weird but easy!091 092 Cedi with her new Yoda doll from Uncle Brian.  I think Uncle Brian went into shock for a few seconds when Grandpa Frank didn’t know who Yoda was :)093 Cedi’s card is singing to her!

Overall it was a fun third birthday.  It took about three days for the sugar and too much attention to wear off but I’m happy to say my Cedi is back to normal (most of the time…)

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