Princess Party

I’ve said before that I’m way behind on blogging for this post.  Here’s something that happened the weekend BEFORE Cedi’s Birthday. 

First.  I have to say that we have the most amazing neighbor girls!  We first started having Josie watch our girls two apple seasons ago.  She didn’t have much experience sitting so we had her come over on Saturday mornings.  I would be at the Farmer’s Market and Jared would be outside picking…just a shout a way.  It worked wonderfully.  Many time she would bring her friend and our other neighbor Sam along too.  The girls loved them both.  Sometimes, I think Josie and Sam have more fun than the girls.

Josie and Sam continued to come around even when it wasn’t time for them to babysit and they would just play with the girls.  Cedi just loved it…Capri did too although she doesn’t quite get it yet.

So, about two weeks before her birthday, Josie and Same walked up to our house.  They had made these adorable invitations all rolled up with a ribbon on it inviting the girls to a Princess Tea Party in honor of Princess Cedi’s Birthday.  They would have Princess Tea (juice) and dress as princesses…how adorable!?!?!!!!  So, I was instructed to call Josie’s mom to set up a time.  The Princess Party coincided with my Handcrafted Hoedown for the Holiday’s so Papa dropped them off.  Here are some pictures from the girls’ fun afternoon: 1  mail2mail   mail4 mail5 mail6 mail7 mail8 mail9 mail10 mail12 mail13   mail16 mail17 mail18


The girls’ gave Cedi a stuffed animal and a squid hat (Capri modeled it above) which was beyond nice.  But, the things we heard about the most were the cupcakes.  Completely made Cedi’s year. 

When Papa picked them up, he said they were both sleeping before he got down the driveway…I would say they had a good time.

Do I have the best neighbor girls or what?

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