Apple Blossom Days!

P4300316Yes, the rumor is true – I’m opening up a weekend EARLIER than planned for Apple Blossom Days. Don’t worry – if you can’t come this weekend – there’s always next weekend. We’ll be giving a ‘sneak peak’ of the orchard two weekends in a row. The pictures on this blog post were taken today – Do NOT forget your CAMERA! P4300242 P4300245 These are just a few of the fantastic pictures I snapped of the girls today. I am really happy with how they turned out. P4300249 P4300284 I took this picture and did no editing – how cool is this!?P4300314


Alright, alright – so yes, apple blossom days gives you some great photo opportunities – what else?P4290148

Well…you’ll get to be some of the first people to try out our new ‘Duck Races’. Jared put them together and they’re super fun! We will have weighted ducks for sale in the store for $1 each and then you get to take the duck home.P4290166 …or you can buy 3… P4290163We also have a decent variety of hanging plants, our canned goods (including NEW raspberry spread), baking mixes, handcrafted items (quilts, jewelry, bags, pottery and more), honey, maple syrup, gardening items, and other things. All of these would make for excellent Mother’s Day Gifts (just a week away!)

You’ll also be able to say Hi to Itsy, Zestar! and Tree (the goats) – I’m not sure if the emus will be hear or not – but there eggs (blown out) will be for sale. They’ve been laying like crazy and we don’t want to disturb them until they’re done.

I have a few other things up my sleeves but you’ll just have to stop by to find out what they are!

Hope to see you this weekend (or NEXT) at our NEW location!

N1959 Kroncke Road

Poynette, WI 53955


  1. Hi Kim, Your photos are wonderful!! Love those dresses too.

  2. Hope Apple Blossom days go well! Everything looks beautiful (including those lovely girls) and sounds like so much fun. Enjoy!

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