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Spring 2010 Bqf Yeah!  It’s time for the third annual Blogger Quilt Festival!  I’m so excited – I love it when Amy’s Creative Side Posts these!  It’s so much fun to spend time looking at everyone’s link and seeing what they’ve created.  P4170016

I have decided for this Festival to show off my Shoofly Quilt.  This was my first Project Quilting Challenge Piece.  I had to use the traditional shoofly block and then incorporate stripes into the quilt. I used three fabrics to create this quilt – the water-colorish white fabric, the brown branch printed fabric, and a beautiful yard of hand-dyed fabric (I dyed myself).  P4170019 

To create my ‘stripe’ I actually embellished part of the hand-dyed fabric with fibers – some hand-dyed, some commercial, even a few ribbons!  It was a bit of challenge when having to iron the piecing together but I think the overall effect turned out just stunning! To read more about my process and to see what other’s have completed for the challenge check out the flickr site:

To read more about what Project QUILTING is:

To read about what’s going on in Season 1:

The newest challenge projects are due this Sunday at Noon so be sure to stop back!


To see the other quilts in this Quilt Festival go to:


  1. This is a striking quilt, and the process sounds very interesting.

    Great job !

  2. Ooooh, what a cool color scheme! Wonderful job, lovely quilt.

  3. What an interesting process!

  4. It certainly is a stunning quilt. Love the color palette. Simply lovely!

  5. I like how you were able to incorporate the fibers. Gives an interesting twist to the project.

  6. I love how textural this quilt is, and the colors are great too.

  7. what a lovely quilt!! the added dimension you put on this is fantastic. thanks for sharing and telling the story of it


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