The girls and I decide we needed some fun last night and headed over to Ella’s Deli.  We got there before Papa got done with work so we decided to take a spin on the carousel before we had some yummy dinner and ice cream.P5200032Capri was a bit nervous about riding the horses on the first go around but I am in love with the picture I got of her on the bench.P5200033 No doubt about it, Cedi was in heaven as soon as I put her up on pony…P5200031 After our ride, we headed in to Ella’s to grab some dinner.  They sat us in a booth that allowed the girls to watch the carousel – it was perfect!P5200039Capri sat by me for a few minutes but then decided that she missed Papa…P5200041                   So, the girls both sat with Papa for dinner – I dont’ think he minded…   P5200046Capri and Papa share  common love – ice cream.P5200049 P5200050 P5200051 Cedi was honestly so anxious about riding the carousel again that she didn’t take a bite.  Soon, we had finished our yummy cold dessert and headed back out – I purchased two more rides for each (only $1 each – hard to beat!)P5200052With Papa by her side, Capri found the pony she was comfortable on. P5200071And LOVED it!P5200055 Cedi was in just in heaven the whole time…P5200054    P5200058  P5200060  P5200062      P5200067 P5200068  P5200069P5200063 What a fantastic time!

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