Introducing ONE of our New Judges…Pam Geisel aka ForQuiltsSake!

After our bittersweet goodbye to Rose Mary Huber Pauls last week, I put out a SOS call for new judge volunteers. Pam Geisel, aka For Quilts Sake stepped up immediately. Once I read her credentials and discussed things with Diane I knew she would be a perfect fit!

il_430xN.19207973 Checkers and Pickup Sticks

Here’s a little about her and her quilting experience:

I grew up in a suburb of southwestern Ohio where there was a corn fields across the street. My husband and I currently live in a small, artsy town in southwestern Ohio with a different corn field at the end of our street. I make and sell quilts and quilt-related art on-line and at art shows and festivals. I also co-ordinate an arts and (fine) craft show as a fund-raiser for the local nature preserve.

ThreadedFeather_web500 Threaded Feather

I made my first quilt 10 years ago. I didn't know how to sew but I love fabric and quilts so I took a class and learned how to piece and quilt by hand. I enjoyed the results but thought the process of hand piecing and quilting took too long, so I taught myself how to use a sewing machine. It wasn't long before I was making my own designs and I just can't stop making more quilts. I think I have enough ideas to last 10 years or more and they still keep coming.

WatercolorSwirl_web600_2Watercolor Swirl

There's so much that I love about quilting: the warmth and tactile nature of the fabrics, the way certain colors (and tones) react when next to a different color, and how secondary patterns are created (specifically in more traditional designs).

il_430xN.135441515Cyan and Chocolate Floral Journal Cover

My professional background is in graphic design, so I am able to take the principles that I'd learned and apply them to designing a quilt: color theory, balance, composition and more. I also taught graphic design for 10 years and along with teaching the basics of design, I also had to grade and critique my students work: ranking them by assigning letter grades, providing positive feedback and offering constructive criticism.


To see more of her work and keep up with Pam’s Going-Ons Here are her ‘links’:



Facebook Fan Page:


Flickr (photos):

Etsy site:

Thanks again to Pam for volunteering to help out with the judging for the challenges this season.

As I stated in the title Pam is just ONE of our new judges – yup, we’ll have THREE permanent judges and then I will be supplementing with guest judges when I find people. I think the more opinions the better and it really helps give everyone participating some valuable feedback with a variety of tastes and opinions.

I’ll be announcing the third judge later this week and this weeks Guest Judge soon!

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