Let’s Go Fly A Kite – My Rectangle Challenge Creation Creation Process & Critique

1. Cut 50 3" x 5" rectangles. You may use less rectangles, but no more. They may be from all one fabric or 50 different fabrics or anywhere in between.034I started my project by fusing my hand-dyed fabric to some Heat N Bond Lite.  I didn’t do all of them – just some so I could see where my fingers and mind took me.  To keep track of how many I had used I did it in groups of 5.  I also wanted to incorporate a few commercial prints just because I think they add an extra pop to the hand-dyes AND the brown tree branch fabric has been used in every challenge I’ve done so far.  It’s become a sort of a challenge to myself to find a way to incorporate it into all my project quilting challenges – we’ll see how long it lasts!

2. Each rectangle can be manipulated in any way you choose...cut them, sew them, throw parts of them away, but you need to start with these rectangles.036

The engineer in me started to try to organize these rectangles on my pfd base in an orderly fashion.  Then the artist in me took over and this was completely scrapped!  I just took them and randomly fused them onto the pfd to create a ‘base’ for my design.  Once that was done I started cutting up some more fused fabric – I wove some peices, I randomly placed others, I put some batting under some to create a trapunto feel – I just let the pieces do what they want.  Then, I squared the sides so none of the white pfd fabric was showing – it had turned itself into a kite!


Well…a kite needs a tail doesn’t it?  I decided to make my tail by doing a four strand weave with various ribbons and fibers around a piece of wire.  The wire would enable the tail to be manipulated in any way desired.  I used some of last rectangles to create fun ties for the end of the woven tail. 


3. You may add up to 2 half-yard cuts of fabric to your project. These may be used however you wish, but no other fabrics may be used to complete the front, back and binding of your quilt.037I almost forgot (ie ignored) these last instructions!  I realized it the night before I was about to finish off the kite.  I had already used a 1/8 yard of pfd for the base of front of the kite – I didn’t want to use that for the back too – hmmm…I know… I’ll just PAINT some pfd to create a fun back.  Then I still have many options for the binding!  Not only was it fun to do this but it opened my eyes to painting fabric and I have five pieces drying downstairs that I painted yesterday.  Now I just have to set the paint and I’ll be able to use them for more projects!P5130054 I bound the quilt with a fun striped print from Camelot Cottons (my new favorite line).042You can see in this picture the star burst is missing.  I had finished the kite - but it wasn’t quite right and I still had one rectangle left!  Now, I can’t have that – I have to use ALL the rectangles for me to feel that it was complete.


I ended up cutting a rectangle out of the hand-painted fabric, cutting it into wavy strips and a few curlies and fusing them to the kite with the ULTRA Heat and Bond.       It was just what the piece needed.  NOW it was done.


Now, I’ll share with you what the judges thought:

Judge 1: Great imagination and “dream”.

Judge 2: Really neat project.  Beautiful hand-painted fabric.  It really sets off the kite and makes it into a work of art.

Judge 3: I almost wish the entries were blind so that I didn’t know who made them until after the judging. Either way though, I have to be honest and say this is by far my favorite entry, and I have awarded it the highest score.  I love everything about it, from the fabrics you used to the rough rope tail with the fabric bows and the starburst added at the last.  It is innovative, original, gorgeous, highly textural, and totally “Kim”.  I would think any child would be thrilled to have this hanging on the wall of their room. ***This one makes me blush, and no, Judge 3 is not my MIL***


I am looking forward to finding out what the next challenge is – it will be posted in just a few hours – NOON CDT!


  1. Kim, you deserve the comments! i admire your creativity and passion for art. you are an inspiration!

  2. Great story, Kim. Thank you for sharing your process! It is a wonderful piece of art!!


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