One Year


This was the prize winning picture from last year’s apple blossom shoot.  One year later – this is how the girls have grown (and yes, they’re wearing the same dresses – they still fit but are a bit shorter…) P4300245 Capri is getting so big!  I don’t know if I can handle my kids growing up…

Here are a few more cute shots from the Apple Blossoms:

  P4300218 P4300219 P4300224P4300226  P4300242 P4300246  I was looking at baby pictures of me the other day and I noticed that in one’s that I looked about 2 (Capri’s age) I had my eyes closed in order to ‘smile’.  P4300309  P4300248

To see all the photo’s go here:


  1. These pictures are so beautiful. I hope you frame some of them!

  2. Kim - Your photos and the girls are beautiful!

    I would have loved to bring Collin and Joey up to the Orchard this weekend but have been doing too much running. Hope the weather stays nice for you.


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