Photo Shoot

I took one photography class in High School, but I am NOT a professional photographer.  The weather was beautiful yesterday afternoon, my youngest was napping and my oldest, Cedi, actually agreed to be a ‘model’ for me for my hand-dyed dresses.  I’m not sure if anyone remembers the old pictures but they were BAD.  I snapped them in not ideal lighting right before apple season got crazy and hadn’t had time to do anything about them.  At least for now, I am happy with my new pictures.  Here are a few shots I got:  P5180010

Before we started the shoot Cedi INSISTED that her first shot be with Grandma and Grandpa – I think it turned out pretty well!

the Empire Waisted Dress:cedi purple twirlcedi purp cedi purple 2 P5180131

The Ruche Dress – I had such a hard time choosing which pictures of Cedi to use – I got so many great shots of her in the dress and then the ones on the deer fence turned out too!

cute cedi rouche wall-1 cedi rouche cedi rouche rope-1P5180124  And here she is in the Spaghetti Strap, Empire Waisted Dress:

spaghetti swing

 spaghetti cedi cedi colorful spaghetti cedi spaghetti


To see some of the other new shots I took yesterday:

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