Project QUILTING – A NEW Prize this week!

Have you hesitated about participating in Project QUILTING because you don’t have confidence in your work or are new to quilting? What’s the point if you don’t think you’re going to win the prize, right? WELL, this week I’m adding a new prize! il_430xN.48139081Everyone that submits a quilt for this challenge will be entered into a drawing (probably from a hat and my daughter Cedi will probably pick the name for me…and be very excited about it) to win a yard of fabric that Diane and or I, dyed (we often dye together and it’s hard to know who dyed what…I like to say that I always dye the coolest looking pieces). EXCEPT, yup, one exception – the winner of the public vote and the winner of the judges vote will not have their name entered into the drawing. I want to spread the love a bit. Above is an example is one of the yards of fabric we dyed. I will be sending the winner a random, super amazing piece.

At the end of season one I plan on doing these ‘random drawings’ similar to the Quilt by Barb Retreat drawing to help keep the excitement going. Right now I’m sure I’ll have some hand-dyed yardage, some patterns, quilt books, and maybe even some fun apple related goods from our apple orchard. Hopefully I’ll find some more fun sponsors for these prizes – I’ll keep you all posted!


  1. That's a great idea Kim, that way even if someone is only able to participate in one challenge, they could still win something. That fabric is wonderful!

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  3. Question for you on this weeks challenge: my design calls for some trim/decoration, do I need to make that out of the allowed fabric, or can I add on something like ribbon?

  4. embellishments like ribbon are okay and do not count against the fabric limitations (I've previously discussed this with Diane...)


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