Themed Thursday – Out of TIME!

I’m 90 percent sure that I’ve done a ‘Themed Thursday’ post about lack of time but it just really felt fitting this week.  I have been working on my Project QUILTING challenge piece for this week and I hadn’t been feeling it.  I finally decided to set aside what I had been working on and start something new – I only have less than THREE days to complete the project, photo it and get it on the flickr site!  AHHH!!!  Oh and I have no more sitter time lined up for the girls so somehow I’m going to have to convince them that sewing downstairs with mommy is fun – wish me luck!

So, with that being said – here are the featured items for this weeks theme – TIME!

il_430xN.147446295Geometric by MantaWave 


il_430xN.145169258Really Big Drip Modern Wall Clock 22in from pilotdesign 

il_430xN.112770029Nautilus Steampunk Cuff from kodashii88 


Blowing Bubbles Childrens Chic Wall Clock from KonaInteriors

il_430xN.137874056Red Bird Retro Alarm Clock by Spirit Lala from DesignSpirit 


Time Flies 8x10 Reproduction Print from MicheleMaule


and in my defense form my Themed THURSDAY being posted on Friday – I did start it on Thursday – the day just changed while I was typing…

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