Themed Thursday – A Ride (or 3) on the Carousel

I woke up this morning thinking that I would do my ‘Themed Thursday’ Post on Scissor related items since my Golden Scissors – Charm Earrings were lucky to make it up on Front Page last night (woo hoo!)


But then the girls and I decided we needed to do something fun today so we headed into Madison.  First stop – JoAnn’s for some fabric I needed (and maybe some I didn’t), next stop Ella’s Deli to ride the carousel, meet Papa for dinner, enjoy some yummy ice cream and ride the carousel some more.

Cedi was just enthralled by the carousel – she sobbed when we had to leave it.  It was magical and I’m sure I’ll be posting some pictures soon of the girls riding their ponies round and round…

And because of this magic I just had to search etsy for some magical carousel items:

il_430xN.145354420 Seaside Carousel – 5x7 print from CrimsonCircleStudiosil_430xN.145469199Carousel Horse Block Print Card from nydampress 

il_430xN.74641652Carousel Horse Accent Pillow in Black, Red, White and Blue from BytheBy

il_430xN.137666578Printed Carnival Stoneware Bowl in Celadon, Mamo and Ohata Glaze from zmedceramics

il_430xN.139698452Vintage Carousel Screen Print Womens Tee Shirt in White from LuvChildCouture 


and here are a few pictures I snapped at our ‘magical carousel experience’ P5200032 - CopyCapri was a bit scared of the horses the first go around…P5200033Cedi was in heaven right from the start…   P5200067 - Copy Papa gave Capri the confidence to ride the carousel and she LOVED it!P5200068A natural…


  1. Thank you so much for including my beachside carousel print in this blog post!
    Fabulous 'carousel' items and I think the pics with the girls are just gorgeous!


  2. What a sweet day spent with your girls! And what memories they will have of riding the carousel, especially since their Papa was there, too :)
    Thank you for featuring my pillow, along with your other amazing carousel finds!

  3. Thank you for including my Carousel Tshirt from my LuvchildCouture shop!

    I'm so glad to find your blog.
    Come visit mine sometimes!


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