Belated Project Quilting Entry

front-nefI was so pleased to check out the Project QUILTING Facebook Page and see a link to a blogpost talking about a project finished for the first challenge of season 1 – three challenges later!  I just love that Jennifer didn’t just give up and stop her project just because she couldn’t make the deadline.  I’m glad that the challenge inspired her to make such a fabulous piece and I hope she continues to work through the challenges – even if they’re at her pace instead of the challenges. (and I hope she continues to share them with us all!)back-nefTo read more about Jennifer’s Process check out:


  1. Lovely pillow. This is such a great post Kim! Way to go Jennifer.

  2. I really haven't the time to do the challenges either. I love this weeks! Perhaps I will work thru them slowly as well. That will be fun.

  3. Great post! I love that pillow!

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