Family Road Trip – Chesapeake Virginia

I know you all have been waiting on pins and needles for me to post about our recent road trip to Chesapeake, VA – well, today is your lucky day!roadtrip10 002 - Copy   First I’ll start with my strategy for the crazy long TWENTY hour car ride.  I went to TARGET to stock up on supplies.  I saw these ducks in the dollar section (although they were actually $2.50) and new they would be perfect.  I had to get two – exactly the same or there would be problems.  I then filled them with fun things – the girls’ quilted paper dolls, I Spy Bags that their sitter made specially for them (thanks Denise – the girls LOVED them!), mini kid computers, special coloring books with markers that will only mark in the book, story books, interactive books, magna doodles, these weird ginormous pipe cleaner things (Capri really liked these) and other random items.  The girls were able to get what they wanted with only minimal help with mom…most of the time and these ducks really saved the trip.  I never even had to pull out the DVD player (which I did bring just in case).  roadtrip10 005 - Copy Our next trick was to leave super, super early (we were out the door before 4am).roadtrip10 007 - Copy The girls both slept for the first couple of hours of the trip.roadtrip10 008 - Copy   Here’s Cedi sporting her glasses and playing with her new I Spy bag.  I have to give Cedi some props here – she has an AMAZING bladder for a 3 year old.  We only stopped 2 times the first day (13) hours and once the second (7 hours)…amazing!roadtrip10 015 - Copy I had to take pictures of the wind turbines – I think they look cool…roadtrip10 020 - Copy Capri needed a pillow – I had to laugh!roadtrip10 024 - Copy Here’s Cedi enjoying the beach – we headed to the Outer Banks the first day.roadtrip10 025 - Copy     Capri and Papa playing in the sand. roadtrip10 036 Jared and I actually were able to swim in the ocean for quite awhile (Karma watched the girls).  It was so much fun and the water was fantastic.roadtrip10 043 On the second day we headed to the beach for a bit in the morning but the water was much colder.  We ended up back at Karma’s pool later in the day and Cedi had a blast “swimming” in her life jacket.roadtrip10 049 roadtrip10 051 She’s so proud of herself!roadtrip10 060  We stopped at Rita’s to enjoy some Italian Ice…roadtrip10 062   roadtrip10 065And an ice cream cone with sprinkles…        roadtrip10 075 roadtrip10 076   roadtrip10 079 roadtrip10 084    Our family…roadtrip10 094

And finally – here’s Capri snuggling with Bear on the way home…

Thanks Karma for putting up with us and our mess for a bit.  We had a fantastic time!


  1. Oh that looks such fun - well done on the trip-resourcing. And I am soooo impressed with the lack of toilet stops - wish I had that good a bladder! (probably tmi)

  2. Thanks so much for coming to visit! I'm glad that everyone had a good time. You all are always welcome back! :)

  3. OMG I want that ice cream cone with sprinkles in the worst way!

    Looks like a great trip. One of these days we gotta make it out there!


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