Happy Father’s Day Papa Daddy!

roadtrip10 080Growing up, some friends of the family always called their dad Papa.  I just thought it was so adorable and loving and new I wanted my kids’ father to be called Papa.  So, when Cedi started to pick up on things I started calling Jared Papa.  Of course, I would sometimes slip and call him Daddy (just like I do with the whole Frank and Jared thing) and when Cedi started to talk she called him ‘Papa Daddy’.  LOVE IT!  Capri calls him that too now (and her Ken Barbie at Grandma’s is also Papa Daddy…)

roadtrip10 076

Papa Daddy is such an amazing Dad to my girls.  He is so patient, caring, loving, happy, did I mention patient, with them….  I don’t know how he does it.  I’ll struggle to get the dishes done sometimes when I have them and he’ll watch them for an afternoon and manage to change the oil!

He took Capri out with him into the orchard to help claiming ‘She’s an excellent carpenter’.  I know the girls are going to have fantastic memories of helping and playing with Papa Daddy.  Jared’s method to his patience:  “I plan on everything taking twice as long when I bring them with me.”  I don’t know how he does it…

With that – thank you for being a fantastic AMAZING and WONDERFUL Papa Daddy and Happy Papa Daddy Day!

Here are some pictures from our recent trip…roadtrip10 032 roadtrip10 033 roadtrip10 034

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  1. I think Jared just taught me a very important lesson...plan on everything taking twice as long when the kids are with.

    I tend to get impatient with Keaton when I'm trying to get something done. I need to slow down and remember this.

    Love the ocean pics!


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