NEED ADVICE! 20 Hour Car Ride!

Hi everyone!  I am in need of some advice ASAP!  We are heading to my sister-in-law’s (Karma) for a mini vacation soon and we will be driving!  It’s a good 20 hour car ride from Madison, WI to Chesapeake, VA.  What advice do you have for entertaining a 2 & 3 year old for that amount of time!  Love to hear any and ALL suggestions!

We are currently planning on driving as far as we can on day 1 (leave REALLY EARLY) and then stopping around 5/6ish at a hotel with a pool to wear the girls out.  Then we’ll have a shorter Day 2…

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  1. My twins have made 5-8 hour road trips from the time they were a few months old. Now that they are almost 3, we've gotten much better at it.

    Here are some suggestions for your sanity:
    Portable DVD player
    New or new to you videos (do they have a favorite?)
    Earplugs for the adults in the car (even if you only use one plug to block some kid noise out)
    Little, dollar store toys they can open when they are restless.
    Snacks, snacks, snacks.
    Short stops to let them burn off energy and for you to stretch/potty.
    We used benadryl for the first time on our drive back from was a SANITY SAVER, though I felt guilty using it. Girl twin is a screamer....
    If they have favorite toys/blankets, wash them a few days before you leave, not right before. That way, they can get some new home stink/smell on them before you head out.
    Good luck!


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