Project QUILTING – the Judges have Spoken for the RECYCLE Challenge

And now that the public winner and the random drawing winner have been chosen it’s time to announce the Judges top 3! 

Coming in third place with an average score of 8.20 is

JUNE2010 106-50

Karen’s Crafty World!

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Judge 1: So bright and summery! I love the way you used the floral print, well balanced and placed. I also love repurposed creations!

Judge 2: This is a lovely quilt.  Changing the quilting threads as you go down was a great choice. The silk flowers add a little extra dimension, and I think you chose the right place to stop with them before they cheapened the piece.  The butterflies are adorable.  Even recycled thread!  I don’t know why anyone would turn up their nose at any project that turns out this well.

Judge 3: I love your resourcefulness.  I can’t imagine anyone turning up their nose on this cute piece.  This is just so says “Summer!”  Great bead work.

Judge 4: So fun!  I like how the flowers are grouped together by color, and how the quilting on the flowers go around the petals several times and overlap in places.

Taking the second place slot with an average score of 8.70 is  Entry for Project QUILTING Recycle Challenge

KimsCraftyApple! *blushing*

Here’s what the judges had to say…

Judge 1:  A nice blend of techniques, very Monet like. I'm glad you were able to incorporate your saved artwork

Judge 2: This turned out wonderfully.  The flower embellishments are the crowning touch to make this truly a wonderful piece of art.

Judge 3: I just like everything about this piece.  Your thought process and reuse of a former art project is wonderful.  I hope you keep this project and then in another 15 years decide to recyle it into something else.  Great job.  This is my favorite project for recycling!

Judge 4: Very creative!  I admire your willingness to sew through canvas. I love the felted flowers and the earrings…such a great touch!


AND now to announce the winner of the RECYCLE Project QUILTING Challenge who will win 4 fat quarters (their choice) from FabricAlaCarte AND a $10 gift certificate from the FatQuarterShop, with an average score of 8.75

Five Generation Miniature Quilt


Here’s what the judges thought…

Judge 1: I love this "circle of life" tribute. Very inventive, with many meaningful attributes. Perfect remembrance for you and your family

Judge 2: It’s wonderful how every part of this is made from items that have special meaning to you.  I think the necklace on the edge gives it a great finishing touch.

Judge 3: This is a wonderful story and a great way to remember the group hugs. I think the necklaces are absolutely perfect for the binding and I noticed pendant first thing when I saw the quilt.

Nice job and you will love this little quilt forever.

Judge 4: What a great way to make a memorial quilt with different generations!  Love the necklace as binding, that really frames this piece, drawing your attention to the quilt squares.  Even though the blocks are all different, the fact that they have a circular motion unifies them.


Congrats to all the winners and to ALL the participants for coming up with some fabulous quilts! 


Tune in TOMORROW (6/20) at NOON HERE ( to read about the next Project QUILTING challenge!


***I will be getting a hold of the winners in the next few days to get you your prizes.***


  1. A big congrats to all the winners! We who get to enjoy these weekly contests are winners too.

    Thanks for another great challenge ♥

  2. Wish I would have got mine done in time, but I didn't quite make it. It actually wasn't anywhere near as pretty as these, though! Great projects!

  3. Pam - don't forget - you can always submit late :) We still want to see it!

  4. I really loved watching these come together. I have no idea what I would have made, if I HAD the time, but these are really really neat. Can't wait til tomorrow!

  5. Many thanks to the Judges :-)

    Kim's & Karen's quilts are so wonderfully artistic. Fantastic work!


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