Project QUILTING – RECYCLE Challenge from PamelasQuilts – Just a tad late…

My google alerts notified me that Pamela had blogged about Project QUILTING so I went to check it out.  It turns out that she did manage to finish the RECYCLE challenge – just a week later than it was due!  No worries though – we all still love to see what has been created so I’m going to do a quick post on it.  If you want more details about Pamela’s process be sure to check out:

From Pamela: 

The rules of this challenge were to make a quilt totally out of recycled materials, excluding the thread and the batting. We were also to add three recycled embellishments to the quilt. When I first read the rules, the first recycled materials I thought of was my drawer full of jeans. I've been saving them for some time, using them occasionally for patches on other jeans, but mostly thinking that sometime I would make a quilt out of them.

At this point I thought that I didn't just want to make another lap quilt, but wanted to make something a little more creative. After thinking a bit I realized that I have been talking about making a dog bed for quite some time, but haven't actually done anything about it. So I grabbed my doggie's fleece mat and ran it through the washer and dryer. This was going to be one side of my project, and determined the finished size of the bed.


[AFTER piecing and quilting all the parts of this doggy bed together]

I dumped all my saved filling material into the sack, then put this in the bed. Fluffed it up, laid it out and called the dog - she laid right down on it and loves it! I really enjoyed making this project, and I liked the feeling of the denim squares so much that I plan on creating a lap quilt using future denim scraps - but instead of saving the whole pair of pants I will simply cut my squares and save them, discarding the rest of the pieces so they won't take up so much space! I think a denim quilt with flannel backing would be so nice for picnics by the beach!


Thanks Pamela for sharing your project with us all!  It looks so cozy and I’m glad Tipper loves it!


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  2. i am inspired... i am gonna make my doggie a denim pillow! thanks for sharing this!


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