Take a Beautiful Handmade Patchwork Duffle on a Road Trip!

IMG_2042This stunning bag was sent to me as a candidate for the latest Project QUILTING Challenge. Unfortunately, the bag was made prior to the challenge and more than a week was spent on it so I could not enter it for the judging and prizes… I hate to turn amazing entries away but I’m afraid that just defeats the whole point of Project Quilting – come up with an amazing entry and create it – all in just a week!

BUT, since it’s such an adorable bag, I wanted to share it with you all anyway!

Quilter: Kathy Rosenbaum


this picture shows one of the side pockets

The Story:

I got the pattern for the duffle bag from Cherie Killilea of studiocherie on the Etsy Website. In her pattern, it was made with one large piece of fabric on the front but I decided that I wanted a patchwork quilted look on the outside so I changed it a little bit.

It is 20 inches wide and has a zipper to close it on the top. There are 3
pockets - two on the ends, and one narrow one in the front middle, in
between the straps. It is completely washable and made with cotton fabrics.
I used more than 12 fabrics to create this look.

I can't wait to take this on vacation and my 14 year old daughter has already made plans to use it on her next overnight at a friend's house. IMG_2048

Interior shot of travel duffle bag

I do want to note that Kathy did tell me that if she wanted to get this done in a week it could be done. Also, after seeing this bag and looking through StudioCherie’s completed duffles – I went for it and purchased the pattern myself! I can’t wait to have some time to create myself the perfect travel duffle!

Also! Don’t forget to peruse the entries for the Road Trip Challenge and place your vote! If you comment at the end per the instructions you’ll be entered to win a $20 gift certificate to my jewelry shop – TheApple!

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