Themed Thursday - Barns

I’m 99% sure that I’m going to be getting a barn quilt on my ‘barn’ before apple season starts – we just have to get it made! Here are the possible options for blocks…

174 173 We just have to decide, get the materials and get painting. I would love to hear which block you like the best (top ones are shoofly’s, next one is Country Farm with an appliqu├ęd apple and the lower one is the Constellation. I’m crazy excited about this opportunity and because of this I’m going to dedicate this ‘Themed Thursday’ Barns.

il_430xN.148929480Barn – 8 x 10 Fine Art Photograph from farmchicked


Quilt Square Barn by sknights


Set of 2 RED BARN and FARM ANIMALS Pot Holders from HoosierQuilter

il_430xN.140066633Interactive Quilted Barnyard on the Go from KimsCraftyApple

il_430xN.146353626Blazing Star 2x2 Barn Quilt from PrairiePatchworks


Quilt Barn Collage from imagesetc

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  1. Kim, I like the one with the apple for your barn :)

  2. Great barn quilts, I think the apple would be perfect.

  3. I like the constellation block best.

    I don't have a barn, I have a garage (I live in a quasi-urban area).

    However, the garage doors have these panels on them and I've been wanting to paint something "interesting" on them. I think a Quilt is just the thing...

    Maybe we can start a trend?

  4. I like the apple and the constellation blocks.

  5. While the apple one would be perfect for you, the constellation one is my favorite.

    There is a barn down the road from me (near Ripon, WI) with a cool barn quilt. I never knew what it was until reading your blog. I'll try to remember my camera next time I head that direction!


  6. Thank you for sharing my "Blazing Star"!!!!
    I also like the constellation, but of the 2 shoo-fly(ies), I like the one with the yellow:)
    Happy Barn Quilting!!!!!!

  7. Well... seeing as how you guys are an apple orchard, I think the apple is appropriate... but I also like the Constellation block.


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