Judges Choice – Project QUILTING Office Space Challenge

I want to start out with a great big thanks to our four judges this week:  Diane, Barb, Pam, and guest judge Lauren.  It takes longer than everyone thinks to get the judging done and I greatly appreciate it – I think it adds a great extra element to the challenge.


Alright – now I’ll get to it.  Third place for the Office Space Project QUILTING Challenge goes to: 

Rat eRace

PennyFabricArt with an average score of 9.05.  Here’s what the judges had to say: 

JUDGE 1: I love your title.  This whole story gets an A+.  Your thought process is so inspiring for everyone.  I can see this completed project hanging in an office and people always wanting to know what it is.  Great job.  I love everything about it.

JUDGE 2:  I think this is so clever, I love the cubicle story, and love that she incorporated actual items from the office supply store.  I think it is a wonderful entry for this challenge.

JUDGE 3: I love this! Great inspiration and use of office supplies. Having recently seen a TV show about artists who make art using push pins, I’d love to see some black push pins in the cork border to help define the area.

JUDGE 4: Very creative.  Love the story about the sales clerk.  Great name.


Second place, with an average score of 9.15 goes to…

Doodle quilt

Sarah b!  Here’s what the judges had to say:

Judge 1: When I read your story about doodling in the margins of your paper it brought back memories of when I worked for the federal government.  We had a lot of meetings and my handouts and notes were always covered with my doodling which happened to be feathers.  If you can draw a feather on paper, you can sew it on a long arm quilting machine!

Your piece is so soft and so pretty.  It really looks like a piece of graft paper but I love the whole cloth concept and the softness of the end product.  I love everything about it.

Judge 2: This is so clever, it looks exactly like graph paper. As a quilter, I understand how hard it is to make that graph perfectly spaced.  I love the “doodle”. This quilt is perfect for the challenge, and attractive on it’s own.

Judge 3:  Using the binder clips as hangers is a great idea, especially for the reason you gave. I love how it looks like graph paper and doodling!

Judge 4:  Great concept and execution.  Trying something new is what Project Quilting is all about.  Creative use of the binder clips to hang your graph paper art.


And now onto the first place winner – who will receive $15 to FabricFascination AND a $10 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!  With an average score of 9.18…first place goes to…

Challenge Quilt 7/10


Here’s what the judges thought: 

Judge 1: You are an artist!  Love the perfect name for a perfect wall hanging.  This piece is just so unique and tells such a story.  I can’t believe even the “tape” is fabric!  It earns my number one vote for the challenge.

Judge 2:  I love this, the idea is so original and the execution is wonderful.  I don’t blame your daughter for claiming it.  This takes art quilt so literally, and it is really attractive.

Judge 3: Very creative, I especially the paint puddles and the masking tape is a nice technique. I think the background is too large, my eyes keep wandering off into the background. Maybe an inner border would help define the area where the “art” is.

Judge 4: A great piece of art with a perfect name.  Love the masking tape and the wood table.  These are the kind of details that make your project extra special. The paint drips have real dimension because of the highlighting you added.

Fantastic job to everyone involved and congratulations to the winners!  There were some really great projects this week and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for the next challenge (posted tomorrow, 8/1 at NOON CDT).


More prizes to be posted soon!


  1. Congrats to all the winners, I loved this challenge!

  2. OMG, I'm so excited!! Thanks so much and it was so much fun. Each week has been exciting and fun to look forward to.


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