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I am so amazed how the pieces keep getting more and more original and so FUN from challenge to challenge. I can tell people read my first “judges comments” so I would like to add more.

The challenge this week, Office Supply Store, is one of the best overall challenges so far. I don’t think I could have been near as creative as you guys were.

I commented earlier how I like to have a quilt or piece named. I see the majority of the pieces now have names and I just love it!

Easy Button - Project QUILTING Office Supply Challenge

The name “Easy Button” by Gayle B really drew my eye to what Gayle was focusing on. This is just so cute. 

I really like a challenge piece that doesn’t necessarily say what the challenge is all about.

Flower Power Dolly Blanket

  Karen’s “Flower Power Dolly Blanket” in no way says “office supplies” but it is so easy to see her inspiration in the file folder. That is some lucky little girl who gets to use this blankie!

I made comments on some of the entries this week that they would be great sellers on Etsy. I would love to see comments back to Project Quilting if you made a project in Project Quilting and listed it or sold it on Etsy. How about using a “Project Quilting” tag on Etsy? This would be great for both Etsy and Project Quilting. I did a search for Project Quilting the other day and it is
recognized. Hopefully it will continue to grow.

I was just so inspired when I judged this week that I needed to write more than the individual comments. The work and creativity is just outstanding. Please, keep it up and pass the word for more entries. The project is worth it.

Project Runway, Season 8, premiers this Thursday evening, July 29th at 8:00 central time on Lifetime. Can’t wait to watch it. Tune in if you get the channel. It will be even more inspiration.

Barbara Raisbeck
Owner of Quilts by Barb and proud to say, a judge for Project Quilting

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