Summer Dying Day

008Diane and I haven’t dyed any fabric or clothing this summer – until yesterday.  We finally found some time that we could both do and we got to some dying…sort of.  My girls, Cedi and Capri were there and we tried to dye with them.  We learned a few lessons…

  • Have TONS of bottles of very water downed dye ready for them – I mean TONS and TONS!
  • Find a spray bottle that they can trigger themselves so it will take them longer to use it up.
  • Have there clothing/fabric for dying set up ASAP so they don’t get whiney and fighty.
  • Wouldn’t be bad to set them up in different areas – or teach them to share. 
  • Don’t attempt to put plastic gloves on them – they won’t fit and the dye will wash off, eventually014

Cedi’s two yards of fabric…015Here are a few things we had right…

  • Put them in old dyed clothes that you don’t care about.010
  • Don’t stress out about them getting dirty.009
  • They can create amazing things when left to their own devices.
  • Creativity at any age is priceless!
  • My mother-in-law is the most patient person I know.

011Cedi’s dress that she dyed all by herself!012The dress that Capri dyed all by herself!013Here are Capri’s two yards of fabric!002  I guess I was into red…004 This was a custom order black and grey hoodie – anyone that dyes fabric knows just how difficult black and grey can be – we’ll see how it washes out!005  Diane’s really big pastel fabric!  (with some help from Cedi & Capri)        017 The last thing we learned yesterday – Cedi and Capri LOVED to help clean up!018 …priceless!


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