The Judges Have Spoken – Top Three for Stars Over America Project QUILTING Challenge

The last winners to announce this week are the Judges Choice (Diane, Barb, guest judge Nancy, and guest judge Sara) winners.  I’ll start it off with third place which goes to…StarsOverAmerica Penny Fabric Art with an average score of 8.38.

Here’s what the judges thought:

Judge 1: This quilt is my favorite for the amount of time and thought that were put into it in such a short time. The pies are pure genius! The detail is amazing. This is a superb representation of American life. The fabrics are very well used in each application and the techniques used were very well done.

Judge 2: At first glance this looks like a very simple, traditional project. Then we read the story and it becomes something really special. I especially like the blueberry with the crust made of stars.

Judge 3: Does this quilter get bonus points for having stars over AND under her all- American pies? :) She gets an A for effort for taking the extra steps to create the pecans to complete her idea!

Judge 4:  Your quilt wins my vote for “most original entry” in Stars over America.  I just love everything about it.  Your ingenuity in printing out the pecans is the best.  Your stars remind me of a serviceman’s medals.  Your work is great.  Keep it up!

Moving onto second place – with an average score of 8.5

Kathleen Quilts Project - Both ways

Kathleen’s Quilts takes SECOND! 

Here’s what the judges thought:

Judge 1: This hanging is so unique in it's concept. I love the dual use of the stars and flags and being able to reverse the whole quilt. It is a piece of true Americana. Excellent use of fabric and the tea staining adds a nice vintage feel to the piece.

Judge 2:  Great job!  Either of these is wonderful on it’s own, but making it flip-able was a brilliant idea.  Very creative.

Judge 3: This one sure gets the prize for the most creative! For using a very literal interpretation and basic shapes and techniques, she has certainly thought (and created) “outside the box”! Whenever and wherever it is on display – there should be a way to allow spectators to flip it around to fully understand the play on words of the challenge title. But it also works without full explanation.

Judge 4:  What a cute interpretation of the theme.  You have created a quilt that will hang for many years to come for the Fourth of July holiday.  I also love the way yours stars and flags hang from the strands.  Great job all around.

The first place winner of the JUDGES Vote will receive 4 fat quarters (their choice) from FabricAlaCarte AND a $10 gift certificate from theFatQuarterShop! And that prize goes to…fireworksquilt1

QUILTIES with her Firework’s quilt and an average score of 8.83!

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Judge 1:  I love the choice of the batik fabric for the background and the thread and paint work turned out beautifully. The skyline is a wonderful addition as well. I would love to see this in person. The design is well balanced also.

Judge 2:  Nice use of mixed techniques to make a simple, but very effective project. The beads and sequins and star charms add an extra sparkle.

Judge 3:  I just plain liked this one best. I think it shows that she has an artist’s “eye” to pick a great fabric, as well as great choice of techniques and embellishments to maximize the fireworks effect. The silhouette at the bottom “weights” the bottom edge – I like it.

Judge 4: I love Fireworks and I love this piece.  Your son is so lucky to have this in his room.  The silhouette is unbelievable.  This piece is my favorite of the week AND I feel this week’s entries are the best yet!  Keep up the great work.

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