Top 10 Reasons why Project QUILTING is BETTER than Project RUNWAY

Borrowed from Kathleen’s Blog: – I’m loving these top 10’s :)


10.  The prizes are "quilty"

  9.  No snarky comments from the other contestants.

  8.  You get a whole week to finish, not just 2 days.

  7.  "Tim Gunn" always says nice things.

  6.  It's a great stashbuster.

  5.  You get all week to admire the results, not just a quick runway show.

  4.  It's quilts, not clothes.  duh

  3.  You get a week off between each challenge .... the brain appreciates the rest!

  2.  No one goes home.

Stars Over America - Project QUILTING entries


And, the number one reason Project QUILTING is BETTER than Project RUNWAY...
  1.  Anyone can play... for all challenges... or just one... you choose.


  1. Love this! And very true, quilts are more fun than clothes anyday.

  2. And we get to do it all in the comfort of our own homes - though it would be fun to get all the quilters together in one studio!


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