Up Nort’ 2010

A few weekends ago we headed up Nort’ to my parents cottage.  Here are a few pictures I took while I was up there.  027 The girls hanging out on the bench by the fire…028       035The coolest mushroom ever (picture taken in the Pop Art setting on my camera)    039Cedi has new crush – Jack was her hero up Nor't’.   041  Jack, Molly, Cedi and Capri playing with Jack’s airplane043   Capri enjoying the lake046Cedi refused to take off her life jacket – even when she took a quick sandwich break… 049 Capri meets Willow – the enormous Great Dane050 051 052 Isn’t she the coolest looking dog!053Willow doesn’t have to climb up to sit on the couch – he can just back up and sit…     058 My mom introduces the girls to the hammock…


I didn’t take as many pictures as last year but the girls are a lot more active and excited about everything up there.  Everything was an exciting experience – especially the S’mores!

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