Episode 2 – Project Runway – Favorite Quotes & Random Thoughts

I don’t have much time to watch tv and blog anymore but I had to share my favorite quote from this show and a few other random thoughts. 


“She’s Covered.  Covered is good. but she’s covered with Barbies Sofa…” – Peach


WOW!  Two designers gone – PR is turning hard core. 

Peach’s dress was pretty bad but I love her so I’m glad she stayed!

I really liked Mondo’s design.  I would look terrible in that pantsuit – who’s was your favorite?  Any thoughts on the latest episode?


Oh, and of course – I just LOVE Tim Gunn!  Maybe he’d be  Project QUILTING guest judge…hmmm….


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  2. That would be a riot Kim if Tim Gunn agreed to be a guest judge.

    I'm glad they kept Peach too, I was a bit worried for her until I saw the safety pin guy.


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