Hand Dyed Dresses

I finally got Cedi and Capri to wear the dresses they dyed at our Summer Dying Day AND to ‘pose’ for me!

I’ll apologize right away – I’m going to be showing you A LOT of pictures of my girls in the post.  I could have just showed you one or two pictures of them looking adorable but I just thought each frame showed such a fantastic story of what truly happens when you try to do a photo shoot of a 2 and 3 year old at the same time…020 Capri has an itch…Cedi’s not into it…021 Neither are really into it…022 There’s that itch again…023 Cedi just decided to move to a new location…024 Capri is ‘smiling’ for me…025 Hmm…Cedi’s going to start to bother Capri…026 She got her…027 028 029 030 031 Cedi’s ready to pose with Capri – Capri has that itch again…032 Something happened…Capri is down…033

And it ends with Cedi smiling and Capri sobbing on the floor…  I don’t envy any child photographer…


  1. Adorable Kim! Reminds me of my two girls at that age, some things are just universal. Now I can watch my TWO grand daughters have these growing up moments :) (Yes, DGD #2 finally arrived!!)

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