Themed Thursday – Apple Cider

Now that apple season has begun Thursday has turned into Apple Cider night.  We make unpasteurized cider at our orchard so we need to press it every week. Thursday seems to be the best night since we’re close to the weekend when we’ll sell most of it.  Unpasteurized cider should be consumed within 2 weeks of pressing…unless you want a bit of a buzz from drinking it.


In honor of Apple cider night – I found some great items on etsy to go along with it…

il_430xN.163304324Amber Topaz Lampwork Hollow 14k Gold Filled Earrings - Mulled Cider from GlitzGlitter

il_430xN.165723532an upcycled 'apple mint cider' waste wonderful wristlet from sparkyjones

il_430xN.127589306 Cider Apples - 8 x 8 inch fine art photograph – signed from opart

il_430xN.107039414Apple Cider BBQ Sauce from BettysGourmetDelight

il_430xN.115564033Rustic Cider Mill Photograph  from Foxxysair8

il_430xN.70980780Fire Cider from rootworkherbals


  1. I love apple cider and have fond memories of going to the orchard and drinking fresh cider there. Thanks so much for the inclusion and for jogging these happy memories :)

  2. Great colours, it feels like the end of summer. Thanks for including my photo.

  3. In all these there are some many things which is really great. Here the apple cider and fond so many memories that can feels the wonderful summer. These is one of the great information which you can share with us.


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