Project QUILTING – Season 1 – in Third Place…

with an average score of (the lowest of the 8 weeks was removed)…8.57


MoranArtandQuilts - Project QUILTING Season 1


1. Finished quilt, 2. Route 66 quilt, 3. Memories of Sadie, 4. Log Cabin Quilt, 5. projectquilting, 6.Challenge quilt, 7. Challenge Quilt 7/10, 8. Project Quilting, 9. Hey Diddle Diddle


I just found out that there is a prize for third and second places.    MoranArtandQuilts will be receiving  


51DE -07njL._SL210_   pretty little mini quilts from PennyFabricArt for a prize! 


Congrats!  What a fantastic job you have done! 


Stay tuned this weekend to the blog to see if you win any other prizes…


  1. Congratulations! You really did a fantastic job!

  2. Congratulations Catherine - you really put up some gorgeous quilts this summer!!!!

  3. Congratulations! I've always loved your Etsy shop, and your entries this season have all been really beautiful!


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