Happy 4th Birthday Mercedi Rose Lapacek

I can’t believe my oldest daughter is 4 today!  To read the story of her birth read HERE.

We had quite the birthday celebration for her.  It all started last Wednesday with a hair wash and cut at the Premiere.  The theme of her birthday was ‘Pampered’ as Cedi is truly a little princess (she wears a dress or skirt every day). 

027The day after that of course, was Thanksgiving, so we headed up to Green Bay to Grandma and Grandpa Van’s.  Not only did we celebrate turkey day but we celebrated Cedi’s birthday with them and Uncle Brian.  Cedi was excited about ALL her gifts of course and ate up her pink birthday cake.010  On Sunday, we celebrated her birthday with again with cake.  We also gave her the gifts from us including a big girl bike.  Her reaction was priceless - “Is that for me?”  Proceeded by jumping up and down in utter joy and excitement…I don’t think she could have reacted any better.

Today, her birthday, I celebrated with Cedi with some more pampering – mani & pedi curiosity of her mom in rainbow colors of course.  Then, she decided that she did indeed want Capri to hang out with her for her special day and we headed out to see ‘Tangled’.  The movie was great – the girls both enjoyed it.

They both passed out on the way home so I had some piece and quiet for a little while before we headed to the Market Street Diner for dinner and Cedi’s FREE and delicious cake!

Overall…I would say it was a great fourth birthday for my little girl – or at least I hope so…

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