Something Different – The Holiday Craft Lounge

holidaycraftloungeNow that the Handcrafted Hoedown for the Holiday’s is over and was a HUGE success it’s time to focus on my next event – The Holiday Craft Lounge

Of course my husband is super busy at work this week and we have to add Thanksgiving into the mix so preparing has been slightly challenging BUT I’m taking a new approach at this craft sale. 

Part of the excitement of the Craft Lounge is that artists will be demo-ing DIY projects.  I was asked to demo these fun-tastic book wreath’s:

book wreathsI have some already to go and I plan on having a few work-in-progresses so you can see how it works.  If it work’s out I’ll be able to have one or two people at my table making their very own right there.  I’m working on some new techniques to make the edges of the pages super cool – one being DYING them with the same stuff we dye our fabric and clothing with!  My MIL did a trial so I would know if I should go over tomorrow and do more.  I’m happy to say that I’ll be heading over tomorrow to get some books dyed so you can buy your own.  I also have the supplies so you can mix your very own dye for sale at my booth.  After all that rambling…I’m going to have some really neat options for book wreath creating available at my booth!

Now, for my other portion of my booth instead of just selling my pre-made wares I’m going to be selling kits with instructions for your to DIY!  (Of course I’ll have some pre-made examples that are for sale as well).  So far, I’ll have kits & instructions for:

belts  Patchwork Beltsil_570xN.69172054Origami Wristletsil_570xN.146225591  Patchwork Kitesil_570xN.195639273  Matryoshka Doll Ornaments


Upcycled Poppy Flowers that can be used to embellish bags, head bands, pins, or whatever your heart desires!

Now, depending on how much space my kits and supplies take up I may bring a sampling of jewelry which you can peak at here at theApple and a few other surprises.  (the other surprises depend on how much I can get done in just two more days…)

The great thing about my ‘kit’ plan is that whichever kits don’t sell, I’ll be able to put them together for my last show – the Craftacular!  A win, win all around!

Holiday Craft Lounge

Date/Time:  Saturday, November 27 · 10:00am - 3:00pm

Location:  Overture Center for The Arts

201 State Street

General Info:  Our little store just isn't big enough to hold all the crafting goodness that we'd like to share with you for the holidays so we've found space at Overture as part of the Downtown Holiday Open House.
We will have expanded craft table activities as well as guest artist demonstrations & instruction so you can get a jump on your holiday crafting projects. Local artists will also be present selling their wares. Purchase kits and supplies to take home, or have a seat and make something that day. The range of affordable activities includes: decoupage ornaments, paper star ornaments, crochet scarves from t-shirts, paper garlands, rust-stained scarves, stamped cards, assembling enamel pieces into earrings and necklaces, make your own button/magnet/pocket mirror, stamped bracelets and ornaments, fleece neck rolls, fabric brooches, Zentangle art, freeform crochet, collage, crayon pendants and recycled pinwheels.
Admission is a can of food or a $1 donation for the Second Harvest Foodbank.

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