2010 Craftacular – the Show

I’ve told you about the organizer/creative genius behind the craftacular, I gave you a sneak peak a the artists, and I invited you into the chaos of my life before the show…now, here are some pictures I managed to snap during the event. 


The show opened at 10:00 and around 9:15 I realized I had left my money box in my van, which of course I had already moved to a side street.  On my way back to the show – there was already a line of about 30 people at the door – forty-five minutes before the show even opened!001  I hurried in, finished putting out as much as I could and quickly snapped a shot of my set-up (hence the blurriness).003Throngs of people quickly crowded in as soon as the doors opened.    007I just had to stand up on my chair and snap a few pictures of what was happening. 008There was great crowd of people shopping for the holidays.  I was very happy with my sales.  I sold a little bit of everything but there were three different things in particular that seemed to ‘fly’ off my shelves. 

028   The matryoshka doll ornaments

027Typewriter Rings


and my interactive Quilted Paper Dolls and Farms

A few things I couldn’t leave without included…

bernies A upcycled sweater skirt from Bernie’s Girl

painteddaisyAn upcycled and reconstructed wrap sweater cardigan from The Painted Daisy

eggs and baconand of course an Eggs and Bacon Wallet from RosyBird (or three)…

And although the weather held out for most of the day for our shoppers – it was quite a white knuckled drive home.  Even with the not so fun drive - I can’t wait for the next one!


  1. You should have included a picture of YOURSELF in the lovely sweater you bought :) THanks again Kim!

  2. Cool .... Thanks for sharing all the photos! Feels like I was there!


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