A Winter Comfort – Friendship Tea

011 Of course, since my girls have just finished battling a major cold, I have to start feeling crummy.  All I wanted for the last few days was something my mom always made me when I felt crappy:  Friendship Tea.  I looked in the pantry and was extremely happy to find that I had everything I needed to make a double batch! 

Friendship Tea

1 cup Instant Tea

2 cups Tang (yup, the Astronaut’s drink)

2 pkgs of presweetened lemonade** (if unsweetened add 1 cup sugar)

1 tsp. cloves

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

Mix Together ingredients and store in covered jar.

Use 1 heaping tsp. or more (to taste) to 1 cup boiling water. 

**I prefer pink lemonade just because it’s prettier.

  007 Step 1:  Dump in the two cups of Tang in a container big enough for 3-4 cups of dry ingredients.008 Step 2:  Add your Instant Tea009 Step 3:  Pour in your lemonade (pink if you prefer)010  Step 4:  Add your cinnamon and cloves.012 Here’s a side view of my double batch of Friendship Tea – Pre-mix.013 I used a knife to do the mixing…seemed to work pretty well…014 See, it’s still pretty after it’s been mixed!  017

Next I warm up some water in one of my favorite handmade mugs (of course) and add the Friendship Tea.

Sip, Enjoy, and be Comforted.

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