Christmas 2010

004We started our Christmas season on a good note with a healthy, fun filled Landwehr (my mom’s family) Christmas party.   My Grandma had 13 kids so that leaves us with over 100 people to celebrate with.  To make this possible – we rent a hall that luckily has a gym attached.  005The adults tend to hang out in the hall to chat and play cards while the little ones run like crazy in the gym.  It works out great and it’s always fun to see everyone and meet all the new little ones. 

For our next celebration we headed over to Jared’s parents for our small little get together…the girls were starting to get sick at this time.  Before we left, Capri was already up to 101.7-degree fever.  005She was a trooper though and enjoyed counting her money! 006 Cedi was happy to be decked out as a little princess. 

Although the girls were coming down with some major colds we headed up to DePere for the celebration with my family on Christmas eve and then my dad’s family on Christmas day.  Thanks to some motrin and Christmas Spirit the girls were pretty good at rallying for the festiviites and enjoyed the holiday filled with family, presents, goods food, regatta boat races and of course – Santa.  (Due to wiping running noses and lots of carrying around of sick kiddo’s my pictures this year are unfortunately lacking…)008 Here’s the photo of them about 5 minutes after we left our last celebration in DePere – completely zonked out.  009

Our final Christmas celebration was Sunday with the Lapacek family.  The girls were spoiled by Jared’s cousins and got two HUGE new stuffed animals (amongst other great things) shown above with Cedi.  Again, the girls managed to power through the day and were passed out within minutes of us packing them in the car.

After a fourth sleepless night with them coughing and sneezing and fevers, we took them to the doctor – both had ear infections.  Last night – everyone actually slept the whole night – it was heaven!


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