Holiday Craftacular Prep!

I can’t believe TOMORROW is the big day for the 6th Annual Holiday Craftacular!  I’m all packed up with just a few hot dog ornaments left to stuff and sew up – not too bad considering where I was at just a few hours ago…

033Due to the nasty winter weather predictions for tomorrow I changed my plans for my display – I nixed the monstrous wire rolling cart (taller than me) that I usually hang my quilts on and am going with putting the quilts on hangers for a smaller clothing rack display.  Because of this change, I wanted to do a mini pre-who set up in my living room so I could ensure that everything will fit.089It will be tight and some tweaks may have to be made once I get to my space but I think I’m going to get it to work…


In addition to my standard ‘amazing’ items, I have a few new things that I managed to get in.009  Some really adorable, festive, holiday origami bags.  Great for parties – the perfect size for an id and camera!037 Above & Below:  Up-Cycled felted wool rings and headbands – these are truly quite fabulous and I know that I’m excited about them!062


And of course – FOUR new quilted kites that have never been seen before!

Now…I just have to get there safely and so do you!  Hope to see many of you there!  And remember – it’s just snow!  Drive slow and you’ll get there just fine!  Too many amazing artists will be there to miss this!

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