oh Christmas Tree!

Every year I like to wait until after Cedi’s Birthday (November 29th) to put up our Christmas tree so she doesn’t feel like Christmas is trumping her birthday in any way.  We typically go the weekend after her birthday to cut it down (we cut one from my in-laws fields).  Well…the heat in Jared’s truck wasn’t working so it was in the shop.  So, we were going to go the following Sunday – snow storm – not a little one either, a real snow storm. 

So, it’s less than two weeks before Christmas and we still do not have a tree up – or any decorations of any kind.  It was not feeling very ‘merry’ in our house.

The snow storm dumped so much snow that it was not possible to drive to the tree patch.  Because my hips just love growing babies (not) I let Jared walk with the girls to pick out the tree and I left it up to him.  All I asked was that it was not perfect – I absolutely LOVE Charlie Brown Trees!014 The trunk was so skinny, Jared wasn’t sure he would be able to even screw the tree stand in – but, alas, it worked..016Since our tree is already Charlie Brown-ish Jared just put the lights on any which way.  He asked if I was going to make fun of the tree because of it – Of course!  But I was going to make fun of the tree either way and I sure didn’t want to hang the lights.  Whatever was just fine with me. 020 Here’s our lovely tree all decorated and lit up!  The girls were very helpful in getting the ornaments up.021  And here’s our tree the next morning – which has a few presents under the tree.  Papa is our gift wrapper and he managed to get some wrapped last night.  Of course, he only wrapped two for Cedi and three for Capri so Cedi is completely devastated.   I really can’t wait for this coming week – so much fun to be had and meltdowns to laugh at. 

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